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It is IMPORTANT that you read & share this with your group. The payment we receive from you is acknowledgement that you and your party have read and understand our rules and regulations for the Year 2016 camping season.

Deposit due within 10 days of booking reservation --$100.0 per week or less is required. All deposits are not refundable which include reasons of illness, emergency, inclement weather or any other circumstance beyond our control.

2-night minimum basis:
May 1st up to the month of September

Cottages are equipped with: propane heat; and stove top; hot & cold water; refrigerator/freezer; microwave; toaster; coffee pot; toilet and shower; cooking and eating utensils. Personal items are not provided (beds are full/double and single sizes). Campground water supply is chlorinated well water.
  • Air conditioners are provided in units
  • No BBQ grills allowed in units. Each unit has access to a gas grill. We do provide tanks for grills. Please use responsibly.
  • PORTABLE BBQ GRILLS, DEEP FRYERS, FIRE PITS ETC: You must bring your own material to raise these items up off the grass to prevent damage to property.
We know that plans can go astray. However, we rely primarily on advance reservations and the cancellation cannot always be filled so to be fair to all concerned our policy is as follows: If more than the required deposit is received, Lakeside Lodge reserves the right to place that amount towards the balance that is due from the cancelled reservation.
  • Check-in time is 2:00 on arrival date.
  • Checkout time is 10:00 a.m. on departure date. Please be respectful; time is needed to prepare and clean for the next reservation arrival. Upon departure guests are required to leave Lakeside Lodge in the same general condition as it was when you arrived. Do not leave and untidy cottage at the end of your stay. Cleaning supplies are furnished upon request.
  • Please remove all trash and place in cans available on side of building.
  • Payment are due on arrival (some exceptions will be made for customers arriving after 7:00pm)
  • There shall be no exceptions to the maximum number of people allowed in a cottage. If you mistakenly go over the cottage occupancy limit you will be charged $25.00 per person/daily.
CATS are NOT allowed in our units and only ONE dog per unit (no matter the size of the dog. Everyone must abide by the following:
  • Pets must be controlled to ensure peace and privacy of other guests
  • Dogs must be leashed and in your attendance at all times
  • Pet must hold a valid rabies vaccination certificate
  • You must clean up after your pet
  • Any pet showing aggressive behavior or bites someone will be immediately banned from Lakeside Lodge
  • Excessive barking dog will not be tolerated
  • Camper accepts full and complete responsibility for any injury cause by their pets' actions
  • Our units are NON SMOKING. We ask that you please smoke outside units and safely dispose of your smoking materials.
  • You must be at least 18 years of age to rent & operate Lakeside Lodge rental boats & motors. Also Rental Agreement will be signed before boat can leave dock.
  • *New Law Effective May 1st 2014: All individuals born on or after 5/1/96 are now required to complete an approved course in boater education in order to operate a motorboat. Approved course include those offered by NYS Parks, the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary or the U.S. Power Squadrons. Individuals less than 10 years of age may not take this course of instruction. Certain allowances to this law have been made for visitors to New York, persons renting a boat and persons purchasing a boat for the first time - see more at:
  • We only allow a maximum of 15hp motors on our rental boats
  • Boats must be returned in the manner in which they were rented to you. Clean out fishing line; cans/bottles; worms; worm containers; wrappers; papers, etc. or be charged $25.00 per boat to be cleaned.
  • Boats include one anchor, two oars and a U.S. Coast Guard PFD for each person riding in the boat (NEW YORK STATE LAW). If you refuse any of our PFDs provided with our rental boats because you have your own sufficient number for persons in the boat, you are required to sign a Protective Flotation Device Waiver Statement upon your arrival.
  • PERSONA BOATS/JET SKIS, ETC: Electrical cords are to be unplugged and rolled up away from docks and water when not in use; if found not in compliance they will be removed.
There is one fish processing station with electric and water. Only clean fish at this one location. Do not clean fish in cottages. Do not place anything other than fish remains in the barrels under the counters in fish cleaning station. Do not place garbage bags in these barrels.

  • No flammable/volatile liquids/toxic chemicals of any type will be stored under, around or in any of our cottages. In other words, gasoline cans of any type with any amount of gasoline in them are prohibited from sitting under/around or in any Lakeside Lodge unit (NYS DEPT of HEALTH Violation)
  • Quiet hours observed 10:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m.
  • No profanity and no loud language
  • NYS law- children 12 years of age and younger must wear U.S. Coast Guard personal flotation devices while boating and we require they wear them on our docking facilities.
  • Discharging of weapons, ammunition or fireworks are strictly prohibited at Lakeside Lodge; *otherwise you will be instructed to pack up and leave the premises without refund.
  • There is a designated area for campfire. Campfires must remain in the fire rings located in the designated area provided. Do not leave fires unattended. The fire ring is NOT to be moved. Utilize a fire ring- it is your responsibility to clean out the trash/debris in that ring.
  • Report any unusual activity or situation immediately that you feel may cause harm to a person or personal property. Please report any maintenance situation, do not attempt to repair it yourself
  • Only general trash will be accepted in our trash bins for all other trash YOU CARRY IT IN / YOU CARRY IT OUT. And as always use common sense -- no flammable or hazardous materials are to be disposed of in our trash (i.e. propane, gas tanks, cans of paint, etc.)
  • Do not mix cardboard & newspapers in with regular trash (i.e. pizza boxes, camping equipment boxes, etc.);
New York State restricts the transporting of untreated firewood to a 50-mile radius unless its source iis identified as a New York Approved Treated Firewood to reduce the risk of introduction and spread of invasive insects and diseases of trees. If your boat has been in other bodies of water please properly rinse boat and trailer of any algae or weeds that might contaminate Black Lake.

Lakeside Treasures Marina and Lodge LLC assumes no responsibility and is released from any and all liability for loss, damage or stolen personal property, or for the use of our grounds or facilities; use is entirely at the user's risk. Users also assume full responsibility for injury or illness occurring to themselves or to their visitors. If you have not already done so Lakeside Lodge recommends that you purchase insurance for your personal possessions.

Lakeside Lodge reserves the right to make necessary changes in the rules and policies at any time to protect the safety of all campers and in the best interest of the grounds. Any one refusing to abide by the rules or creating a disturbance will be asked to leave without refund. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone non compliant with these rules.

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